Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Nigritude Ultramarine Experiment Update 2

Googlebot spidered Junk Drawer again yesterday.

I've rechecked the SERPs of the three blogs in the experiment. As of this morning, they rank as follows:

Nigritude Ultramarine News & Views: Not in top 1000
Nigritude Ultramarine Control A: 598
Nigritude Ultramarine Control B: 597

Why is News & Views in the top 1000? My guess is that the Control B blog tripped the duplication filter. I checked to see if the News & Views blog is even in the the total results and it is. But, it's relevance is very low.

So, I have rearranged the wording on the Control B blog to see if I can bypass the filter. We'll have to wait until Control B is spidered again before I expect to see any changes.

More waiting... science is an art for the patient.


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