Thursday, July 01, 2004

Nigritude Ultramarine Experiment Update 3

If you're not familiar with my experiment, go to this post for a refresher.

I checked the SERPs positions of the three blogs in my experiment this morning. Here is how they rank:

Nigritude Ultramarine News & Views: 351
Nigritude Ultramarine Control A: 588
Nigritude Ultramarine Control B: 587


Do outbound links improve a website's (webpage) ranking with Google?

The initial findings of this experiment seems to indicate that it does.

Initial conclusions:

For a webpage that is designed to meet the definition of an "expert" page as defined by the Hilltop paper. I find that:

A. "Expert" pages (pages with outbound links) may get a scoring boost in Google.

B. The search term must be in the anchor text of the outbound links in order to obtain the scoring boost. ("Expert" pages that point to the same sites without the search term in the anchor text do not receive any additional scoring boost.)

C. "PageRank leakage" did not seem to make much difference between Control A & Control B. Both blogs were extremely consistent in their scoring.

Possible flaws with the experiment:

1. Unequal inbound links.

2. Unknown "other variable".

Note to readers: I didn't really conduct this experiment to prove a point, rather to test a theory. I believe in the axiom that more eyes are better. Please feel free to comment on any flaws or other possibilities that you may see.



At July 3, 2004 at 11:45 AM, Blogger Nigritude Ultramarine SEO Contest Blog said...

I just thought about it this way: if you talk about something and mention well respected Authority A or Autority B people are more likely to believe you. Even if you never read neither A nor B or disagree with them it still gives your argument extra weight in the real world.

Google engineers was quoted many times that they strive to make they search results representing real world as best as possible. So HillTop addresses the notion that expert in the field has to know at least the names of the other prominent researchers :)

At December 15, 2004 at 7:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm working on a contest right now for the search terms flag burning and community watch. Fun stuff!

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